International Thatching Society

International Thatching Society - knowledge of the thatched roof

ITS is an international platform for exchange of knowledge and news about thatching and thatched constructions. The longterm goal is to upgrade thatch to become a modern and competitive roof, acknowledging the historic skills and techniques for future reference.

Members of ITS are national organizations for masterthatchers. At the moment 7 countries are members, but the wish is to expand the membership. Therefore all countries with a recognised thatching organisation are encouraged to contact our secretary to become a member.


Images from last meetings

See photos from the latest general meetings, Sweden, September 2015 and England, September 2017 and Japan, May 2019

Next General Meeting

Next general meeting: Holland: (postponed, due to Covid 19, dates will follow).

International Thatching Society
Jorgen Kaarup
Phone: +45 21 25 91 88